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CNC Machining, Welding, Fabrication at Pro Products Inc in Sturgeon Bay, WI

CNC Machining

CNC Machine Shop

CNC Machining is our core competency. We use the latest CNC Machine Tools to produce your parts (just take a look at our equipment list!), continually educate our staff, and maintain an emphasis of continual improvement throughout the organization. Recent examples of continual improvement include purchasing new pieces of equipment to meet demand, testing new tooling to reduce cycle times/improve quality repeatability, and implementing a new quality procedure to streamline administrative tasks in both the office and the shop. By constantly investing in our future in many ways, we stay ahead of the competition and ensure we are THE solution to your machining needs.


Welding, Soldering and Assembly

We have an in house welding department with AWS certification. We are accustomed to tight tolerances with machining, and that precision is reflected in our weldments. This level of quality and precision is not typically found from shops that only engage in fabrications. We also work with outside sources when higher volumes are reached and employ automated welding procedures to maintain accuracy as most items come back in house for further machining after welding is complete.



As previously mentioned, we have a welding department with AWS certification, ready to add value to our machining capabilities, and offer our customers a complete part. We currently produce a number of products with numerous machined components, that are welded, and then finish machined to hold tight tolerances.

Inventory and Delivery Services

Inventory and Delivery

In addition to our machining solutions, we also offer our customers flexible inventory solutions. Ask us today about stock and release, KanBan, or any other program you may be interested in exploring. We also have 3 trucks regularly serving the Green Bay to Milwaukee areas where most of our subcontractors are for Same/Next Day Guaranteed delivery for those "HOT" projects.

Assembly and Packaging

Assembly and Packaging

We offer assembly and packaging services to finish your part. Whether it be engraving the part with our marking machines, applying a company sticker, pressing in bearings, torqueing bolts, or fastening several components together, we are familiar with what it takes to offer you a finished product, rather than a small part to your product. We also have the capability to package your parts any way you like, preparing your parts for your customer, reducing the amount of work you have to do once received.