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One Year in Expansion Necessary June 01 2016

Pro Products Building Aerial View

We have now been in our facility for a year! Wow that went fast!

Looking back we have made a lot of good decisions with regard to our new facility, with the exception of one. We have already out grown our new space! Of course it is near impossible to predict the future, but acquiring some new contracts and customers; we need to address the fact that we have already consumed the space in our shop we initially intended to accommodate growth over about 3 years. We have purchased the lot adjacent to our current location and will be constructing a 6,000 square foot warehouse/storage facility. We are currently utilizing valuable floor space for finished goods in our shop that would be much better used as manufacturing space. This project will allow us to expand our business with new and existing customers. With more and more manufacturers improving their lean techniques and practices, we need to have the capacity to support their strategic goals. This is achievable through expanded inventory and stocking abilities in a new storage facility.

We are looking at a rather expedited construction schedule to be able to move in by September of this year. We are very excited about the opportunities this will allow us to participate in and afford us more space in our current facility.

Thank you for your support!