Turning Center – GL7

Doosan Puma 240MB

Max turning Diameter: 10”

Chuck Size: 10”

Power: 25 HP

Tools: Live tooling

Options: This machine will pick raw stock, load machine, machine item, remove finished part and reload new raw stock.  This machine can run unmanned and lights out. Its advanced technology allows the machine to notify an on or off-site operator when tool changes are needed, when raw stock is low, and more. This machine reduces required labor hours and lowers cost.

Description: This machine can perform operations such as milling, drilling, and machining of a parts backside without opening the door.  Additionally, live tooling and the ability to flip the part enable us to eliminate secondary operations, and the need to use more pieces of machinery to complete your part. Ultimately, it reduces handling time, set up time, machine time, labor, and reduces cost for our customers!

Identifier: GL7

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