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Quality Assurance

Completely Equipped Lab

Completely equipped lab
Our lab room that contains all of the required equipment to properly inspect your parts every time.
We utilize our lab for each batch of parts that we run. All part runs are inspected during machine operation in addition to final lab inspection before shipment takes place.
We may provide first articles of inspection, material certification reports, heat treat inspection and others by customer request.

Mitutoyo - Crysta Plus 7106 CMM Coordinate Measuring Machine

Mitutoyo - Crysta Plus 7106 CMM
Model Year2010
Probing SystemRenishaw MH 20 with Rotating and Indexable Head
Table Capacity1700 Lbs
Measuring Capacity28 x 40 x 24
Table Size35 x 68

Mitutoyo CRYSTA ApexS 574 CMM CNC Coordinate Measuring Machine

Mitutoyo CRYSTA-ApexS 574 CMM
Model Year2015
Probing SystemRenishaw PH10M Plus - Automatic Articulating Probe
Table Capacity396 Lbs
Measuring Capacity19.68" x 27.55" x 15.74"
Table Size25.11" x 45.67"

Starrett 16"Optical Comparator

Computer SystemQuadra Check
Lens10× - 50×

Micro Vue 16" Optical Comparator


Wilson 4TT Rockwell Hardness Tester

Mitutoyo SJ-201Profilometer

Thread GagesRing and Plug 4-40 thru 3-12"

Thread MicrometersFrom 0-4" O.D. and 6 thru 32 pitch

Resolution Bore GagesMultiple sets 0 thru 6" and .0001 resolution bore gages

Pin Gages.061 thru 1.00" by .001 increments

Plus Many Other Inspection DevicesToo numerous to mention